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Our First Match September 5, 2006

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It went the way we all expected. We got spanked.

However we had a good start with Stuart winning, however he played the easiest player (he was real bad), next was me who recovered from a 20 point deficit and then after playing a 45 minute game lost it on an easy black ball (it was with the rest). Next was Weir, he like the rest of us had a nervous start, giving away 12 points in fouls. Within the latter stages of the game he showed courage and knowledge that i have noticed before, when he needed a snooker he got it, but two shots later he was snookered and did not recover, so conceded.

Danny played their best player. Their player showed the worst cue action and looked like a slogger but he could pot and play. Danny showed that he deserved his VC (vice captain) position but in the end his lack of experience (like the rest of us) showed. Graham went on last knowing that we have lost, I told him that he has a free licence to do what he likes and go for the big shots. He started well by getting the biggest break of the night by our team (an embarrassing 9, Weir and myself got an 8 ) but by the middle of the match he lost his temper and just started banging the balls about, eventually he lost.

I was suprised by the standard of play, when we get passed the nerves we will do well, NO SHIT! I bet u!


Last Practice August 28, 2006

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We had our last practice session before the season starts. We were abysmal. The highest break was made by Danny (16), most of us struggled to get into double figures. Two of us went undefeated, Nathan and myself both with four wins a piece. this left Graham and Danny picking up the odd win when they played Weir who couldn’t win a raffle, although he did complain of having the worst luck and everyone else was spawny. I could agree with him having bad luck and all the other players (but me) from having a little luck.

We are really going to struggle when the season starts next week, we are a player down because Nathan is on holiday but we have enough to cover. We are away at Gwynnes club and we have no idea what to expect. I think we are going to get spanked every week.

I plan to write a new post every Monday after the match to let you know how we get on.


First Practice August 21, 2006

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We had our first practice session tonight. It was a good turn out, however i learned that our most promising player cannot now play for us because he has moved house. This will hurt our chances of achieving anything this year as he was the only one of us to have played in a snooker league before.

Getting to the practice, we had a turn out of five so we got two tables so that no one was waiting around for an age waiting to have a knock-about. For a couple of the players it had been a while since they had played so they were quite rusty, however i was playing quite well and getting the highest break of the night, a very mediocre 24 (now you know the standard of our play). A few of the other guys got into the teens but no one sparkled.

Spirits were high and everyone seemed to be enjoying it but there was the underlying feeling of insecurity with everyone wondering how good the competition will be. We just don’t want to get spanked every game!

pre- Practice August 20, 2006

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We have our first practice session tomorrow night at Breaks snooker club in Lincoln, this is where we are playing our home games from. I will post again tomorrow night after the practice session and tell you how it went.

This is where it begins August 15, 2006

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A new snooker team will be playing in a league for the first time and this blog will follow their ups and downs. From match to match